Today is a special day for me. Received an email from Microsoft ASP.NET Community.
My Article on ASP.NET MVC and Custom Bootstrap was selected for “Article of the Day” by the ASP.NET community. This this for the first time I had submitted an article and it got selected for “Article of the day” :).

Here’s the email.

Thanks again for your article submission, “ASP.NET MVC Web application with Custom Bootstrap theme – VS 2015, 2013 , 2012″ .”
This article will be live on 2016-10-07, and you should be able to find it highlighted at for a few days, and also at”

We look forward to further article submissions from you in the future!

I would like to thank all Microsoft Community Members, its an honor.

Happy Learning

“ASP.NET – Article of the day” selected by Microsoft Asp.Net Community – First Time

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